Product Design & Research Leader

I build product design and research practices for startups that use human-centered design principles and lean customer development processes to solve the right problems and create real value.

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Hire me if you want...

...a seasoned design & research practitioner.

For two decades I've been on the front lines of human centered design, solving design problems in high-growth startups and leading my teams by example. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty with UX/UI design and qualitative research.

...to build a diverse and effective design and research team.

My "super power" is coming in as one of the first designer / researchers at a startup and ultimately building a high-powered team of diverse, specialized, and talented design and research practitioners who create real product value.

...a design practice that puts the user first.

Since graduating with a degree in anthropology, ethnography has been a centerpiece to all my design processes. I am uncomfortable green-lighting any design for production that has not seen the eyes of the intended audience.

...proud humility.

I'm proud to admit that I don't know everything. I hire designers and researchers who are better practitioners than than me and who value curiosity and experimentation above ego. Together, we lay aside bad ideas when we find better ones. And when we disagree we don't assume we're right. We assume only that the user is right and we test.

Recent work


" Andrew built the entire design organization at Rev. When I say built, I mean he recruited the team, chose the tools, defined the processes to align design with the users, product, and engineering, and established a pragmatic culture of balancing design and engineering constraints. Andy was an inspirational leader that found ardent supporters wherever he went. I hope we will work together again!"

Mark Chen

" Andy was an incredible leader to work with at Rev. As design director, he was heavily invested in mentorship of all the designers working with him. Not only did he help each of us grow individually, but he also helped grow the design team’s influence within the product org. On top of that, he was a strong advocate for user research and had a great sense of design principles and product thinking. "

Lalit Srivisarvacha
UX/UI Designer

" Andrew was the heart of our design team and is an absolute joy to work with. His expertise in user-centered design and usability testing paired with his genuine kindness, insightfulness and design leadership helped the product org stay grounded and put our users first. I can always turn to Andrew for guidance and support and I highly recommend working with Andrew if you’re looking for a thoughtful and talented design leader."

Jamie Chow
Senior Product Designer

" As a manager, Andrew strikes the balance of giving his team authority and independence while also being there to support and guide us. He always had the big picture in mind and encouraged us to push back on the product team when their goals and objectives weren't clear. I appreciated that he really valued UX research and got many others on board with it before I arrived. He did a great job of growing the design team's influence in the company and helped us all learn and grow in our roles. "

Sarah Stumme
Product Design Researcher

" Andrew is one of the most ambitious creative leaders I've had the pleasure of working with. He excels where compassion meets impact. He does this by bringing others in and leveling up the entire organization through his personal mission, accountability, and determined leadership. Andrew embodies the creative process that he promotes and by virtue of his unwavering dedication to people - lifts up the products he works and the teams he serves. I'm proud to call him a friend, mentor, and thought partner."

Joseph Reni
Design Manager