Gigg Mobile Web Brackets

App Design


About the project

Redesigning a desktop-optimized experience for a mobile-dominated industry

February 1, 2021
My Role
UI / UX & Research
The problem

Imagine Navigating March Madness Brackets on a Phone

Gigg's bracket competitions were built with desktop users in mind. The problem with that is that 90% of its users were using phones. My challenge was to create an engaging bracket experience that didn't involve endless horizontal swipe-scrolling.

The first order of business was to redesign the desktop bracket to match the new website design.

Quant data told us that most users were coming to the competition brackets from Instagram. This provided the inspiration to make the mobile bracket competition experience look and function more like Instagram scrolling. Initial expiraments included various ways to display these side-by-side battles. But in the end we went with this stacked approach and users loved it. It allowed them to, not only quicky make a decision on the friend they were there to support, but encouraged them to stick around and scroll through the other brackets, increasing engagement and promoting return visits.