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At Rev, my seven-year mission was to make the best caption and transcription editor on the planet

November 1, 2021
My Role
Product Designer & Qualitative Researcher

Efficiency in Transcription and Captioning

In the gig economy, when the worker is more efficient, everyone wins. This was my north star for seven years. When I started at Rev I was handed open source software that was clunky, confusing, and poorly integrated into the Rev marketplace. When I left, I had given Rev a captions editor and a transcription editors which used the power of Rev's speech AI engine and years of qualitative testing and iterative improvement to improve user efficiency to the upmost. I can confidently say that there is now no better editor for either captions or transcriptions on the planet. Ask any of Rev's workers and they will back up this claim.

The Line transcription editor uses first-pass speech AI and powerful tools to enhance user efficiency
The Dash captions editor makes the two-step process of captioning (transcription and syncing) not only efficient, but enjoyable. Our captioners know they have the most powerful tool for delivering high quality captions on the planet.